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equity partnerships

A great method
of creating growth
& mutual pportunity

partnering for growth

If you’ve ever wished that your marketing partner had a direct interest in ensuring that your business succeeds, an equity partnership is the perfect option to consider!

  • Unique to our industry, we are pleased to be able to offer our clients equity partnerships instead of direct compensation for our solutions and resources. Partnering in exchange for an equity stake is a great solution for medical businesses that possess great potential yet lack the in-house expertise, resources, or required marketing budget to reach their full potential. We accept new equity partners on a case-by-case scenario and only after determining that such a relationship is capable of offering mutual benefit to both parties.

  • Our equity partners receive access to our entire team of talented professionals, as well as strategic consulting through our partner, Medicis Consulting. Intelligent and professional, your dedicated team of talented consultants, marketing executives, developers, designers and copywriters will custom create solutions that propel your business to success faster than you ever imagined. Aside from providing our own in-house solutions and those of our partner, we will also identify, manage, and coordinate with promising third-party advertising, marketing, and public relations opportunities on behalf of your business. Regardless of what it takes to achieve success, we’re on it!

  • The power of equity partnerships is that each partner has a vested and direct interest in the success of your business. While life requires all of us to prioritize how to spend our time, efforts, and energy, there is truly no greater motivation to do what is required than taking a calculated risk and literally having some true “skin in the game!”

Types Of Situations Where An Equity Partnership Makes The Most Sense

Most medical startups have great potential but lack the necessary funding and in-house expertise to quickly pave their path to success. In this situation, waiting years or even decades to capitalize on potential would cost considerably more than offering up some equity in exchange for a dedicated team that knows how to chase down opportunity long before it comes knocking!

The medical industry is competitive, but some markets present an exceptionally high level of competition that requires regular marketing efforts to stay afloat, and an aggressive marketing approach to THRIVE. When you’ve decided that you have worked too hard to get to this point to simply make ends meet, it’s time to discuss how our intervention can be instrumental in having you outperform the competition.

Whether you plan to open new locations, create a franchise, or simply reach a new demographic, expansions are wonderful but also entail a lot of upfront costs. If you’re interested in saving on the marketing side while giving your marketing company a direct interest in ensuring that your expansion is a success, an equity partnership can make a whole lot of sense!

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