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Physician websites are no longer just a “brochure online.” Today, effective medical practice websites are built for practice growth and allow for patient interaction – thru requesting an appointment, making payments, using web chats, filling out digital patient forms, or even submitting the most simple website contact form. While all of these interactions are great for patient retention and attracting new patients, each require a more sophisticated, costly, and secure type of web server referred to as HIPAA-Compliant web hosting.

Medicis Marketing HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Servers are proudly built and maintained on the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services - a company leading the world in terms of industry compliance and data security.

Our HIPAA Hosting clients can rest assured knowing that protected health information (PHI) transmitted via their website is stored in the world’s most secure, surveillance-monitored data centers. Aside from going above and beyond the requirements of HIPAA, AWS also maintains compliance across numerous industries and is trusted by government agencies with rigorous data security standards, such as the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


HIPAA Web Hosting


Avoid costly fines and having your practice published on the HHS “Wall of Shame.” HIPAA-compliant web hosting is required if your practice website has ANY type of data transmission system – including a simple website contact form, appointments online, website chat, and much more. Many web hosts claim HIPAA compliance when they really are not, and as the medical practice “covered entity,” you are solely responsible for ensuring compliance. Don’t take any chances, have your site scanned today.

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    We can make your current website HIPAA compliant within days – no host access or design changes required. Wondering how or ready to move forward? Let’s talk!

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    No practice wants to end up on the HHS “Wall of Shame.” Secure your patients' info and avoid costly HHS fines by ensuring that your current website is HIPAA compliant.

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Do I need to be HIPAA compliant?
What are the risks of not being HIPAA compliant?

When it comes to website HIPAA compliance, practice owners certainly have the freedom of choosing whether or not to follow HIPAA guidelines, but a lack of compliance can be very costly – for practices and for the patient. Risks include having your patients’ sensitive information compromised, getting fined by HHS, having your practice listed on the public HHS Breach Notification Portal “Wall of Shame,” and being involved in complex lawsuits with regulators and with patients. Inarguably, when it comes to building your practice safely and securely, following HIPAA guidelines is the way to go.

Is it difficult to become compliant?

HIPAA is very complex, but our team makes becoming compliant fast and simple - even without us accessing your website design files or current hosting account.

My site has an SSL padlock. Isn’t that good enough?

NO. An SSL certificate establishes an encrypted connection between your server and the end user, but this is only one element of HIPAA compliance. Being fully compliant is much more complex – from a technical and business perspective. However, please do not worry about the details. Our team will guide you through becoming fully compliant, contractually guarantee compliance, and take on the compliance burden with you.

How quickly can your team make me compliant?

We can expedite most compliance requests within days. To get an exact estimate of time requirements, please simply reach out to us. We respond to all requests rapidly!