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Diverse Clients

We are often inspired by the passion and drive of our diverse client base. In addition to providing innovative websites and online solutions for hospital systems, healthcare technology and medical device companies, we also serve private practices and medical groups who specialize in the following fields of medicine...

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Allergy Immunology

Those suffering with allergy and asthmatic symptoms are online searching for physicians to help treat and manage their condition. If you’ve made the decision to grow your practice, Medicis Marketing will take care of the rest.

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Bariatric Surgery

Those considering weight loss surgery often spend a considerable amount of time researching the topic online before ever scheduling a physician consultation. Our consultants can show you how to transform your website into your practice’s most valuable asset.

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With heart disease claiming more lives than ever before, people of all ages are now seeking out talented cardiologists to help them in preventing and treating heart and vascular conditions. If you seek to build the patient base of your cardiology practice, Medicis Marketing is here to help you along the way.

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Due to the advent of discount patient loyalty programs for dental practices, both general and cosmetic dentistry is becoming more affordable. If you seek to build the patient base of your Dental practice, Medicis Marketing can turn your vision into a reality!

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Individuals search for dermatologists to treat serious skin conditions and enhance their overall appearance. If you seek to build the patient base of your dermatology practice or sell products online, you are in good hands with Medicis Marketing!

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Family Medicine

Family Practice Physicians are often a patient’s first point of contact for wellness visits and the treatment of conditions. If you seek to build the patient base of your Family Medicine Practice or simply improve communications to make operations run more smoothly, Medicis Marketing is here to help!

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Fertility Specialists

Couples in search of IVF or fertility services want a doctor who is talented, trustworthy, empathetic, and caring. Medicis Marketing will help your Fertility Practice communicate effectively online and captivate the attention of those in greatest need of your services and expertise.

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Though patients typically need a referral to see a neurologist, they often research their symptoms and treatment options online before making an appointment. If your neurology practice seeks to communicate effectively, offer helpful resources, retain patients, or grow your existing patient base, Medicis Marketing can help!

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Exceptional Websites

We create exceptional websites that help medical practices of various sizes and specialties retain patients, cut costs and increase appointments.

Dedicated Project Management

Your project manager will be an entrepreneurial-minded professional who will advocate for your practice’s online success. Researching, planning, advising, and ensuring project success – it’s all on us!

Support & Maintenance

We won’t just get you going in the right direction, we’ll keep you there. We offer vital technical support & maintenance for every website we create. These services are essential now more than ever as the release of new devices, operating systems, and browser updates can alter the appearance of websites and create coding incompatibilities. When working with us, you can be assured that we will make every effort to ensure that new technology will not have a detrimental effect on your online presence. Your website should look great and error free long after it's initial launch, and we do everything in our power to make this a reality!

Unlimited Website Updates

Change is great, so why be charged for it? Some of our packages allow our clients to modify website text and photos as often as they please. In fact, we encourage frequent changes as regularly updating a website’s content will create a fresh online presence and give the website a boost with the search engines!

Website Benefits

At Medicis Marketing, our website packages are custom-tailored to fit the unique needs of your practice – and your budget. Here are just some of the features from which you may benefit...